Melanie LeBlanc, Co-editor and Coordinator Namaste Magazine, Mallorca, Spain

"Our team started working with the meeting methods we learned from Jane Hera 5 years ago, and because the methods are so effective we keep using them weekly in our staff meetings. We have even been invited to meetings with other groups by people who are tired of feeling so exhuasted after their meetings, and have been sharing the knowledge. The methods are very easy to learn and to put into practice because they feel natural. We even sometimes adapt the methods to a specific need as we feel confident enough to be flexible. I don't feel like a strict old school teacher using the methods, I feel like a confidant leader listening to my company's needs. Thank you Jane."

Andy Langford, Co-Founder and Co-President, Gaia University 

"I worked in partnership with Jane Hera over a 9 year period during which time we explored and developed the simple yet flexible and complex system of meeting methods that she offers through her consultancy practice.

Jane has an unusual ability for homing in on what is practical, what is effective and what brings significant returns on investment. During our extensive work time together facilitating groups of all sizes in a wide range of situations, Jane applied these talents to the meeting method development process and, as a result, she brings to you an easily understood, easily adapted, contagious, quick to apply productivity suite that can transform the humble every day meeting from a hum-drum necessity to an event of sparkling co-creation.

Marvellous Meetings is a marvellous move for any organisation seeking to unleash its collective intelligence. Jane Hera is the perfect choice of experienced coach and facilitator with her friendly and natural competence."


Francesca Deia, Coordinator AGRUPACIO D.E.I.A, Deia, Mallorca October 2010

"Jane Hera gave AGRUPACIO D.E.I.A. three workshops on Meeting Methods in Can Deia, Mallorca. Our group benefitted enormously from all the skills she taught us. We are a registered political group and from her teachings we learned to run our meetings in a much more efficient way than we had ever done before. The way in which we now engage together and run our meetings, still up to this day, seven years after the workshops, is appreciated by all those who attend."

Lesley Bradley-Peer, Permaculture Designer and Chair, Transition Penwith

"I have worked with Jane Hera on a diverse range of projects ranging from corporate situations to personal dynamics. Jane is excellent at group work. She has perfected the skill of identifying what each group needs and meets those needs with both competence and compassion. The meeting methods she teaches are inclusive, easy to grasp and transform meetings into effective and enjoyable events. Jane is dynamic, has a fresh sense of humour, is highly experienced and very well respected in her field. I believe that any project would benefit greatly from her knowledge and expertise."

Deborah Jay-Lewin, 5Rhythms  Holistic Practitioner and Mentor

Jane Hera has a unique ability to focus in on details needed to clarify and initiate action, whilst holding awareness of the desired outcome. She has provided invaluable support to me both personally and professionally over many years. Her calm presence and humour keep meetings infused with movement rather than stagnating. Hire her and reap the benefits!

Alice Jay, Campaign Director, Avaaz

I have been in a number of Jane's workshops and they are always inspiring and, as important, they are tangible and useful in your day to day life. The Joanna Macy work is life changing stuff. The courses provide space to mourn humankind's selfishness as well as to reignite hope of or earths resilience and our capacity to turn back to nature. Jane's years of experience and kind, simple teaching of the tools will turn your world upside down. The Meeting Methods are critical to anyone that finds meetings either boring or dominated by certain people. The facilitation method is simple, inclusive and no one feels like they are being 'facilitated'.