Permaculture Design

Photo: Planting potatoes with Home-schooled children, Finca Son Barrina, Mallorca,
November 2006.

Introductory Sessions to Permaculture Design, Ethics and Attitudes of Sustainability.

Natural systems are our prime model of sustainability. Permaculture Design takes the principles inherent in natural systems and applies these to all human endeavours. Now that sustainability has become a common goal, I offer these sessions to groups and organisations in order for people to gain an understanding of what a sustainable system looks like in their particular field. Using such Permaculture concepts as 'the problem is the solution' and 'minimum effort for maximum effect', these sessions will enable you to think about your group or organisation's purposes and tasks more clearly and be able to accomplish these purposes and tasks more effectively and enjoyably.

Call me on 07809 223469 or email to book a free half hour consultation to explore how Permaculture concepts can benefit you and your organisation.

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