Marvellous Meetings?

Yes......they are possible. Meetings can be short, fun and productive too!

Ever pondered

  • how to motivate your staff to look forward to meetings?
  • how to get more people to join your community group?
  • how to make meetings shorter, more productive and even enjoyable?
  • how to include your children in family decision-making?
I offer a set of simple, easy-to-learn methods that can be used to increase productivity, participation and enjoyment in many different everyday situations from work meetings to family meals. They need very little preparation and they work! 

So whether you work for a business, belong to a community group, represent constituents on a council, or are a parent, you can come out of meetings feeling inspired, excited and with a sense of achievement. The methods work because they are designed for inclusion -- so that everyone at a meeting has a real chance to participate and develop a sense of ownership of the outcomes of the meeting.

I also offer introductory sessions on Permaculture Design and sustainability, and experiential workshops in The Work that Reconnects. For more information, see What I Offer pages.

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