About Jane Hera

Photo: Hiking in the Tramuntana range, Mallorca, November 2006
I have been a professional meeting facilitator, Permaculture designer and leader of The Work that Reconnects since 1990. 

In my early career in the development field in East Africa, I taught English, history and geography in Kenya, administered a World Bank project development unit and trained Ministry of Agriculture staff in South Sudan. Whilst supporting the Irrigation Officer in Malawi,  I parented my young daughter.

Upon my return to Britain, I co-founded Designed Visions, a permaculture design consultancy, where I encountered one of the most limiting factors to implementing sustainability projects -- peoples' pervasive reluctance to come to meetings.

 In response, I co-developed the methods underlying Marvellous Meetings. I have since taught and applied these methods to local governments, community groups, political action groups, and staff groups, both in Britain and in Spain. In conjunction with this work, I have led workshops in Deep Ecology/The Work that Reconnects, Joanna Macy's approach to empowering people to act effectively in the world.

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